Introducing Characters 4 – The Sneaky Pete’s Staff

There are 4 main characters of the Sneaky Pete’s Diner.  First and foremost is Pete Fasbender.  I lived and worked with Pete when I was a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin @ Stevens Point.  Pete and I had numerous amazing adventures through the 2 years I was in “Point”.  When returning home from a day at the college …

Introducing Characters 3 – Morley

Morley is a Eurasian Eagle Owl.  I picked him up from a friend of mine when he was only 13 days old.  He will be officially 5 years old on the 23rd of May 2020.  He is totally imprinted on me and treats me like his mate.  He can be seen riding in the back of my car staring out …

Introducing Characters 2 – Buddy and Dalia

For many years my two constant companions were Buddy (Brittany/Springer Mix) and Dalia (Chocolate Lab).  They both passed away right after The Great Snowy Owl Caper was published.  They are greatly missed.         Buddy                                 Dalia with a young Morley

Books are done

Book 2 – Chasing the ghost of an Adirondack Elephant is here and ready to go!  Contact me if you wish to purchase a copy for the holiday season.  The series would make a perfect gift for the young reader in your family!  

Introducing the characters 1 – Bill Short

The names of characters from my stories come from people in my past.   Bill Short and I grew up together in Potsdam and had many adventures together.  He really did bury me in the snow when I tried to catch a snowy owl at the Malone Airport.  But unfortunately we were not as successful as Stoney was.  We never did …