Educational video about owls

The Sheard Literacy Center at SUNY Potsdam asked me to produce an educational video from first graders about iwls.

Book 3

Book 3 should be ready to go soon.  We have just been waiting for the illustrations and cover to be done.  The work should be done any day now.  We are very excited to be ready to release our third book in the Adventures with Stoney series.  Book 3 is all about our adventures banding saw whet owls.

Introducing Characters 4 – The Sneaky Pete’s Staff

There are 4 main characters of the Sneaky Pete’s Diner.  First and foremost is Pete Fasbender.  I lived and worked with Pete when I was a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin @ Stevens Point.  Pete and I had numerous amazing adventures through the 2 years I was in “Point”.  When returning home from a day at the college …