Goshawk Gabboon

The latest book in Adventures with Stoney is now available!   The Goshawk Gabboon is finally here and ready for the Christmas season.    Be the first to purchase this exciting book or be adventurous and purchase the entire set in a RIBBON SET. You can purchase the entire series wrapped in an owl ribbon with 2 bookmarks from famed wildlife …

The Gaoshawk Gabboon is Ready

Order your latest volume in the Adventures with Stoney series.   The Goshawk Gabboon is printed and is being shipped this way.  It will be here for Christmas!

Book 6 – The goshawk Gabboon

The sixth book in the series is slated to be released by Christmas.  The adventures with Stoney continue with a fun romp through the northern pine forests as the gang tries to catch the elusive accipiter.  Keep an eye out for the release date!

A story from Oliver

Once upon a time, 3,000 or so years back, there was a legend. And I am about to tell you said story, so that it may be passed on, and not forgotten. It all began around January 1st. The exact date is forgotten, but it was in China, that we know. It was night, and family’s were rounding up the …

Lawrence Avenue Elementary School Visit

Morley and I met a new friend and she showed me her pom-pom owl that they made in class.     Here is a close-up of the owl.   The students and Trish Varney did a great job.  

Gabboons Aloft

The fifth book in the Adventures with Stoney series has finally arrived!  GABBOONS ALOFT is now available for purchase.