A story from Oliver

Once upon a time, 3,000 or so years back, there was a legend. And I am about to tell you said story, so that it may be passed on, and not forgotten.

It all began around January 1st. The exact date is forgotten, but it was in China, that we know. It was night, and family’s were rounding up the lunar new year. A certain family, the zix family, had drawn out the celebration. They heard a strange chanting around midnight. Upon investigation, it seemed to be coming from nowhere. Suddenly, a great, blue, blinding light shot from the sky. It hovered in the air, and formed into a huge great horned owl. The name of this owl? Chitlac. As chitlac hovered in the sky, everyone in town came out of thier house’s to see him. Chitlac, seemingly randomly, started flying in a certain direction, towards the valley. The people ran after him. Then chitlac turned and stopped flying. He became a orb of energy once again, and lowered to the ground, burning brighter all the while. When he hit the ground, he became a temple. The Chinese people entered. It is said that from the temple, that generation gained the power of flight and could communicate with animals.
So there you have it. I have told you all I know.
Pass this tale to those you know. Keep the spirit of chitlac alive. The end
                    About the author
Oliver is a nerd, loves reading, writing, and drawing, though he is not very good at the last one. He is 9 years old and lives in NY state with his family. He has met the author of adventures with stoney, and decided to write an story for his website.

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